Welcome Notes



Dear Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the beautiful city of Vilnius for the annual IDF World Dairy Summit.

With the theme of Closing the Nutritional Gap with Sustainable Dairy, this year’s Summit hosts dairy professionals from more than 50 countries, as well as 28 sponsors and exhibitors, whose contribution is extremely important for the success and continuity of this event. We are proud to present 9 scientific conferences focusing on the most important global issues the sector is facing today.

The first ever IDF Dairy Farmers Forum is also held under the umbrella of the Summit. It is dedicated to farmers from all over the world, who we believe to hold one of the key roles in the dairy supply chain.

Should you be willing to clear your head after heated discussions or simply enjoy the company of your colleagues in a less formal environment, we have prepared a rich and entertaining social programme to fit everyone’s taste.

I sincerely hope that this Summit will be a great professional experience for everyone bringing the most pleasant emotions and memories along the way.

Enjoy your time in Vilnius – the host city of the IDF World Dairy Summit 2015!

Bronius Markauskas
President of the Lithuanian National Committee


V BaltraitieneDear Colleagues,

IDF World Dairy Summit 2015 is important to the entire agricultural sector. It is the first time when Lithuania is honoured to hold the Summit.

Representatives of the dairy sector from all over the world have gathered in Vilnius to participate in various conferences and other Summit events. Exchange of information and views is very important – especially now, when we are facing tough challenges in the changing global dairy market. Global market trends are particularly relevant to our country, because dairying is one of the most important agricultural industries in Lithuania. Statistics show that we not only cover our own demand for milk and dairy products, but also export more than half of our dairy production. Top quality Lithuanian dairy products are delivered to consumers in more than 60 countries.

I sincerely hope that the Summit organised in Lithuania will only bring warm memories. We have a great opportunity to exchange our ideas, experience and information. You will also learn more about our little brave country that defeated all challenges thrown out by its history. I have no doubt that you will be pleasantly surprised by experiencing Lithuanian cuisine and other deeply rooted cultural traditions.

My warmest greetings to you all!

Virginija Baltraitienė
Minister of Agriculture
of the Republic of Lithuania



Dear Colleagues,

IDF World Dairy Summits provide a forum for the sector to come together to exchange topical information, to reach agreement on the priorities for global collaborative efforts, and to create and refresh networks. With an excellent programme of conferences and seminars, as well as attendance from nearly all, if not all 46 IDF member countries, plus many others from countries that are yet to join the IDF, I have no doubt that the 2015 Summit in Vilnius will prove to be valuable.

Having a united and collaborative dairy sector is as important as ever given the more immediate challenges facing global dairy markets in what is turning out to be a really tough period for farmers, for processors, for marketers and for the supply industry. At such a time it is imperative that we unite to address those issues that could constrain or limit demand for dairy and the rightful place for milk and dairy products within diets. This is essential not only for the economic health of the dairy sector, but for the environmental health of the planet and the physical health of the world’s population.

I look forward to your participation in making the IDF World Dairy Summit 2015 a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Jeremy Hill
IDF President